Contact NAMI at 719-315-4975 for current information about support groups in the Southeastern Colorado region. 
The Harbor is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization, your contribution may be tax deductible. 
Donations to the Harbor to support our programs may be addressed to: 
Board of Directors 
Friendly Harbor Community Center 
2713 N Grand Avenue 
Pueblo, CO 81003 
The Friendly Harbor is thrilled to be partnering with other community agencies to provide the best possible resources for people in recovery with mental health and substance use disorders. Some of the agencies we are working with in providing new mental health and substance use recovery groups include Young People in Recovery’s All Recovery Group, Crossroads SMART Recovery Group and NAMI Southeast Colorado Peer to Peer support groups. Please see our calendar for a complete list of groups and activities. 
The Friendly Harbor is in need of volunteers for the shed restoration/painting project taking place on the 15th-20th . Please contact us if you can help.

Click to download the FH Activities Calendar – March 2020


Friendly Harbor Group Descriptions

Mental Wellness Support Group: This group involves a check-in session focused on individual’s mental health and/or concerns they need to discuss. There is a light topic for discussion followed by goal setting for the week.

Anxiety and Depression Group: This group involves a check- in session focused on the topic of anxiety and depression. It explores coping mechanisms to manage symptoms followed by a light topic for discussion.

Coping Skills Group: This is a DBT skills guided problem-solving group that is focused on teaching skills for managing mental health symptoms or issues that arise in daily life. Each week a Dialectical Behavioral Therapy skill is presented, taught, and discussed.

Stress Management Group: This group explores relaxation techniques and coping skills for managing stress. Participants are welcome to discuss recent stressors and discuss ways to cope with each stressor.

Skills for Trauma Survivors: This is a peer supported group that teaches skills such as meditation and grounding exercises for dealing with trauma. Shared ideas for coping is welcomed.

Perinatal Support Group: Support for pregnant women and parents with infants up to 1 year. Topics include postpartum mood disorders, family support, parenting skills, and transition from pregnant to parenthood.

Double Trouble in Recovery Group: This group is for persons active in and recovering from co-occurring substance use and mental health issues.

Music Group: This is a social group that explores expression through music.

Cooking Group: Planning, preparing, and enjoying a shared meal. *will involve clean up afterwards.

All Recovery Group: All Recovery group is peer facilitated and focuses on substance use recovery. The philosophy behind All Recovery is meeting you where you are at in your recovery process.

Art Group: Join us for exploring art with a variety of mediums. This is a group activity that can include time to share while creating beautiful art. No experience required.

Community Meeting: This is a meeting for harbor staff, volunteers and community members to discuss updates and/or concerns regarding the Friendly Harbor.

Labyrinth Group: is a group aimed at new ways to use walking meditation to add to your insight into yourself based on being asked to think about something and applying it to yourself.

Circle of Parents: At the Friendly Harbor, it’s a branch of a statewide effort to connect struggling parents to share tips and resources, focusing on protective factors and parental resilience.

Philosophy Group: is an opportunity to explore ideas of different ideologies in relation to the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality and existence.

Channeling Positive Vibes: takes a look at the many skills we can add to our lives in order to lead better and more positive lives. Such skills are journaling, gratitude lists, changes in body chemistry when you smile and much more.

SMART Recovery: “a science-based addiction support group where we learn self-empowering skills and support each other in our recovery.”-SMART Recovery. A Friendly Harbor Community Partnership with Crossroads Turning Points, Inc.