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“I don’t know what I would’ve done without you at this time. You are my lifeline.” – M.W.

One of our young female consumers lives with active symptoms of paranoid schizophrenia. She is on a regimen of psychiatric medication and continues to hear voices daily. She comes to Friendly Harbor several days a week where she participates in groups and checks in with a peer specialist. She says, “I feel like I can be myself here.” Often, she studies at the Harbor and enjoys coming here to take a break from her assisted living facility. She has learned to cope with persistent symptoms and has managed to pursue her goals to become an accountant regardless of hearing distracting voices and having difficulty concentrating. She has been attending Pueblo Community College for the past several years and graduated last month with an Associate Degree. She is thrilled to have been accepted at CSU-P. She anticipates attaining her bachelor’s degree within the next year.

 Friendly Harbor Member

I owe all of Friendly Harbor a huge debt of gratitude.  The staff, of course, but especially my peers.  Through observation, listening, and empathizing with their symptoms, illnesses, and successes, I can now admit to myself that my illness is much more severe than I was willing to admit before. When I was in assisted living, I thought I was the highest functioning person there.  Now, I realize, and I am able to take the right steps toward health and legitimate high functioning.  My eternal thanks.

 Friendly Harbor Member

The world can at times be a cruel and prejudiced place.  But here I have found real acceptance and understanding.  All my lifelong gender dysphoria I have been afraid to express what I feel is my true, real identity—and was persecuted when I did.  At Friendly Harbor I have been welcomed, and this place has become a home at which I belong.  I can be who I truly am.  True, I am still growing into it, still overcoming a lifetime of suppression and confusion.  The arms of Friendly Harbor are welcoming and comforting—-and I can be myself and love myself.



“The folks here are warm and welcoming. I feel like a human being and not defined by my mental illness. The Friendly Harbor is like my second family.

Stephanie Hager 

“It’s been a real eye-opener for me…the best people…

“It’s been a real life-saver for me…

Family Support Group members

“This is a very exciting time in my life and Friendly Harbor has contributed greatly to that. I’m excited about and appreciative of these amazing opportunities. “

New member 1/25/18